Learning Points 

"Learning Points" are paragraphs of information with one or more hyperlinks for additional optional research.  You can read the information given in the learning point and move on to the next learning point or click on ithe learning point's reference hyperlink for additional information.

Examples of 4 learning points from the course are below:

1) Reference - The first time someone on a telephone called in during a TV show is thought to have been during NBC's Today Show. That was in 1959.

2) Reference - Middleware is a piece of software that connects two or more software applications so that they can communicate & exchange data.

3) Reference - To view Enhanced TV on your PC, one of the main things you’ll need is a TV Tuner Card, or the equivalent.

4) Reference - The term Time Shifting (Timeshifting) has for the most part superceded the term “Personal TV.” The term Time Shifting (Timeshifting) might also be used in reference to Video on Demand.

These books have been referenced by the Interactive Television Institute and may be of interest.
Copy and paste the title into Google Books for more information about the book.

24P - Pete Shaner, Gerald Everett Jones
50 Fast Digital Video Techniques - Bonnie Blake, Doug Sahlin
303 Digital Filmmaking Solutions - Chuck Gloman
A History of Video Art - Chris Meigh-Andrews
A Technical Introduction to Digital Video - Charles A. Poynton
Advances in Image And Video Segmentation - Yu-jin Zhang
An Introduction to Video and Audio Measurement - Peter Hodges
Animation in the Home Digital Studio - Steven Subotnick
Art of Digital Video, Third Edition - John Watkinson
Audio/Video Cable Installer's Pocket Guide - Stephen H. Lampen
Audio Postproduction for Digital Video - Jay Rose
Avid Xpress DV 3.5 Editing - Avid Technology Inc.
Bluescreen Compositing - John Jackman
Broadband Internet Connections - Roderick W. Smith
CCTV, Second Edition - Vlado Damjanovski
CineTech - Stephen Keane
Color Correction for Digital Video - Steve Hullfish, Jaime Fowler
Color Image Processing: Methods and Applications (Image Processing) - Rastislav Lukac & Kostantinos N. Plataniotis
Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema - Glenn Kennel
Complete Guide to Digital Video - Ed Gaskell
Compression for Great Digital Video - Ben Waggoner
Content Rights for Creative Professionals - Arnold Lutzker
Create Your Own DVDs - Brian Underdahl
Creating Digital Content - John Rice
Creating Web Video with Adobe Premiere - Thomas Luehrsen
Cyberspaces Of Their Own - Rhiannon Bury
DTV - Jerry Whitaker
DTV Survival Guide - Jim Boston
DVD Demystified - Jim Taylor
DVD Player Fundamentals - John Ross
DVD Studio Pro 1.5 for Macintosh - Martin Sitter
Data Broadcasting: Merging Digital Broadcasting with the Internet by Lars Tvede, Peter Pircher & Jens Bodenkamp
Definitive Broadband -The Book
Design Companion for the Digital Artist - Against the Clock
Designing DVD Menus: How to Create Professional-Looking DVDs - Chris Schmidt, George Cairns, Michael Burns
Desktop Digital Video Production - Frederic Jones
Digi-Know?! - Michael Teitelbaum
Digital Animation Bible - George Avgerakis
Digital Audio Broadcasting - Wolfgang Hoeg, Thomas Lauterbach
Digital Basics for Cable Television Systems -Jeffrey L. Thomas, Francis M. Edging
Digital Black & White Photography - John Beardsworth
Digital Broadcasting - Martin Cave, Kiyoshi Nakamura
Digital Cinema - Brian McKernan
Digital Cinematography - Paul Wheeler
Digital Compositing for Film and Video, Second Edition... Steve Wright
Digital Content Annotation and Transcoding - Katashi Nagao
Digital Filmmaking - Mike Figgis
Digital Filmmaking - Thomas Ohanian, Michael E Phillips
Digital Filmmaking 101 - Dale Newton
Digital Guerrilla Video - Avi Hoffer
Digital Image Processing with Application to Digital Cinema - KS Thyagarajan
Digital Interactive TV and Metadata: Future Broadcast Multimedia (Signals and Communication Technology) - Artur Lugmayr,
Digital Intermediates for Film and Video - Jack James
Digital Moviemaking - Lynne S. Gross, Larry W. Ward
Digital Nonlinear Editing - Thomas Ohanian
Digital Pictures - Arun N. Netravali, Barry G. Haskell
Digital Play - Stephen Kline, Nick Dyer-Witheford, Greig De Peuter
Digital Satellite Services - Robert L. Goodman
Digital Satellite TV - Frank Baylin
Digital Satellite TV Handbook - Mark Long
Digital TV Over Broadband - Joan Van Tassel
Digital Television - Herve Benoit
Digital Television - Walter Fischer, H. von Renouard
Digital Television Fundamentals - Michael Robin, Michel Poulin
Digital Television Standardizatio & Strategies - Katharina Grimme
Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting - Paul Dambacher, H.E von Renouard
Digital Video! I Didn't Know You Could do That - Erica Sadun
Digital Video: An introduction to MPEG-2 (Digital Multimedia Standards Series) - Barry G. Haskell, Atul Puri, Arun N. Netravali
Digital Video Camerawork - PETER WARD
Digital Video Communications - Martyn J. Riley, Iain E.G. Richardson
Digital Video Compression - Peter Symes
Digital Video Editing with Final Cut Express - Charles Roberts
Digital Video For Dummies - Keith Underdahl
Digital Video Hacks - Joshua Paul
Digital Video Pocket Guide - Derrick Story
Digital Video Processing - A. Murat Tekalp
Digital Video Production Cookbook - Chris Kenworthy
Digital Video Quality - Stefan Winkler
Digital Video Transcoding for Transmission and Storage by Huifang Sun, Tihao Chiang and Xuemin Chen
Digital Video and Audio Compression - Stephen J. Solari
Digital Video and HDTV Algorithms and Interfaces - Charles Poynton
Digital Video for Beginners - Colin Barrett
Digital Video for Dummies - Martin Doucette
Display Interfaces - Robert L. Myers
Documentary in the Digital Age - Maxine Baker
Editing Digital Film - Jaime Fowler
Editing Digital Video - Robert M. Goodman, Patrick McGrath
Editing with Avid Xpress Pro - Avid Technology Inc.
End of Celluloid - Matt Hanson
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About DVD - Jim Taylor
Extreme DV at Used-Car Prices - Rick Schmidt
Feedback - David Joselit
Film Technology in Post Production, Second Edition - Dominic Case
Final Cut Express Editing Workshop - Tom Wolsky
Final Cut Pro 2 for FireWire DV Editing - Charles Roberts
Final Cut Pro 3 for Macintosh - Lisa Brenneis
Focal Easy Guide to DVD Studio Pro 3 - Rick Young
Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Express - Rick Young
Fundamentals of Digital Television Transmission - Gerald W. Collins
Future Visions - Philip Hayward, Tana Wollen
HDTV and the Transition to Digital Broadcasting - Philip J. Cianci
High Definition Postproduction - Steven E. Browne
High Definition and 24p Cinematography - Paul Wheeler
Home Theater Hacks - Brett McLaughlin
How to Do Everything With Digital Video - Frederic H. Jones
How to Do Everything with Your Digital Video Camcorder - Dave Johnson, Rick Broida, Todd Stauffer, Chad Fahs
How to Use Ulead DVD Workshop - Tom Bunzel
IPTV and Internet Video - Wes Simpson, Howard Greenfield
Instant Boris Effects - Chris Vadnais
Instant DVD Workshop 2.0 - Mark Dileo
Introduction to Digital Rights Management - Lawrence Harte
Introduction to Digital Video, Second Edition - John Watkinson
Introduction to Media Production, Third Edition - Robert B. Musburger, Gorham Kindem
JPEG2000 - David Taubman, Michael Marcellin
Knowledge Management in the Digital Newsroom - Stephen Quinn
Life After Television - George Gilder
Lighting for Digital Video & Television, Second Edition - John Jackman
MPEG Video Compression Standard - Chad Fogg, Didier J. LeGall, Joan L Mitchell
Macworld DVD Studio Pro Bible - Todd Kelsey, Chad Fahs
Making Media - Jan Roberts-Breslin
Making a Movie in iMovie HD and iDVD 5 - Jeff Carlson
Master Handbook of Audio Production - Jerry Whitaker
Mastering Digital Color - David Saffir
Mastering Technical Mathematics - Stan Gibilisco, Norman H. Crowhurst
Memory Bytes - JDavid Depew, Judith Babbitts, Laura Rigal, Lisa Gitelman, Scott Curtis, Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi, Lauren Rabinovitz, Abraham Geil
Mobile TV - Amitabh Kumar
Motion Design - Matt Woolman
Moving Image Technology - Leo Enticknap
Multimedia and Interactive Digital TV - Margherita Pagani
New Cinematographe - Alex Ballinger
New Media and Popular Imagination - William Boddy
Newnes Guide to Digital TV, Second Edition - Richard Brice
No-Budget Digital Filmmaking - Chuck Gloman
Nonlinear Editing - Bryce Button
PC Magazine Guide to Digital Video - Jan Ozer
Principles of Digital Audio - Ken C. Pohlmann
Principles of Digital Audio and Video - Arch C. Luther
Producing Great Sound for Digital Video - Jay Rose
Real World Digital Video - Pete Shaner, Gerald Everett Jones
Robin Williams DVD Design Workshop - Robin Williams, John Tollett, David Rohr
Samuli Niiranen, Seppo Kalli
Satellite Television, Analogue and Digital Reception Techniques - Herve Benoit
Secrets of Videoblogging - Michael Verdi, Ryanne Hodson, Diana
Servicing Digital HDTV Systems - Bob Goodman
Standard Handbook of Audio and Radio Engineering - Jerry Whitaker, Blair K. Benson
State-of-the-Art in Content-Based Image and Video Retrieval - Remco C. Veltkamp, Hans Burkhardt, Hans-Peter Kriegel
Streaming and Digital Media - Dan Rayburn
TV Repair for Beginners - Homer L. Davidson
Teach Yourself Visually Digital Video - Jinjer Simon, Richard J. Simon
Teaching TV Production in a Digital World - Robert F. Kenny
Teaching TV Production in a Digital World - Robert F. Kenny
Technology, Television, and Competition - Jeffrey A. Hart
Television, Film, and Digital Media Programs - Princeton Review
Television Receivers - Jerry Whitaker
The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean - Timothy Shaner
The Avid Digital Editing Room Handbook - Tony Solomons
The Business of Streaming and Digital Media - Dan Rayburn, Michael Hoch
The Complete Guide to Game Audio - Aaron Marks
The Digital Bits Insider's Guide to DVD - Bill Hunt, Todd Doogan
The Digital Filmmaking Handbook - Ben Long, Sonja Schenk
The Digital Filmmaking Handbook - Ben Long, Sonja Schenk
The Digital Video Manual - Carlton Books
The Essential Digital Video Handbook - Pete May
The Essential Guide to Digital Set-Top Boxes and Interactive TV - Gerard O'Driscol
The Five Essential Steps in Digital Video - Denise Ohio
The IFILM Digital Video Filmmaker's Handbook - Maxie Collier
The Little Digital Video Book - Michael Rubin
The MPEG-21 Book - Ian S. Burnett, Fernando Pereira
The Motion Picture Image - Steven Barclay
The Producer's Masterguide 2007-2009 - Shmuel Bension
The Reproduction of Colour - R.W.G. Hunt
The Technology of Video and Audio Streaming - David Austerberry
Theatre and Performance in Digital Culture - Matthew Causey
TiVo Hacks - Raffi Krikorian
Transporting Compressed Digital Video - Xuemin Chen
Understanding Digital Cinema - Charles S. Swartz
Understanding Digital Television - Lars-Ingemar Lundstrom
Understanding IPTV - Gilbert Held
Value Creation and Branding in Television's Digital Age - Timothy M. Todreas
Vegas 4 Editing Workshop - Douglas Spotted Eagle
Video Art - Catherine Elwes
Video Demystified, Fourth Edition - Keith Jack
Video Engineering - Arch C. Luther, Andrew F. Inglis
Video Processing and Communications - Yao Wang, Jrn Ostermann, Ya-Qin Zhang, Ya-quin Zhang, Joern Ostermann
Video and Media Servers - Karl Paulsen
Videomaker Guide to Digital Video and DVD Production, Third Edition by Videomaker
Wireless Video Communications - Lajos Hanzo, Peter Cherriman, Jurgen
e-Video - H. Peter Alesso
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