Learning Points

 "Learning Points" are paragraphs of information with one or more hyperlinks for additional optional research.  You can read the information given in the learning point and move on to the next learning point or click on ithe learning point's reference hyperlink for additional information.

Examples of 4 learning points from the course are:

1) Reference - The first time someone on a telephone called in during a TV show is thought to have been during NBC's Today Show. That was in 1959.

2) Reference - Middleware is a piece of software that connects two or more software applications so that they can communicate & exchange data.

3) Reference - To view Enhanced TV on your PC, one of the main things you’ll need is a TV Tuner Card, or the equivalent.

4) Reference - The term Time Shifting (Timeshifting) has for the most part superceded the term “Personal TV.” The term Time Shifting (Timeshifting) might also be used in reference to Video on Demand.

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